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Adam Siekierski

Fullstack Developer

A software developer and full-time student, working mainly with React. Loves to spend as much free time as possible in the mountains, hiking or mountain biking.

Hi there 👋

My name is Adam and I'm a software developer. I'm a big fan of TypeScript, JavaScript, React, and Node.js. I'm currently working at AppUnite as a full-stack developer, mostly with React and Elixir (Phoenix). I'm open to new technologies and solutions, and always willing to learn new things. My main focuses right now are broadening my knowledge beyond the JavaScript world, going deeper into Elixir and maybe trying some mobile platforms in the future? 🤔

Hit me up 📞

You can interact with me mostly on the social media I listed on below my profile photo! If you have something more serious though... write me an email 📨

And I'm also quite active on Discord servers like Frontlive, Type of Web, and Devscord, so I highly encourage you to join them if you want to chat a bit 😎

Measuring React Elements

| 2 min read

A hook example for measuring React components, taking advantage of ResizeObserver and some not-so-popular React featues.

TIL: Cleaning your Git repository by removing the unused branches

| 2 min read

Ever had a headache because of the number of branches you have on your repo locally? If so, take advantage of the tips from this post :)

TIL: Ecto’s Repo.stream/1

| 3 min read

Working with large sets of data can be slow, hard and annoying. Fortunately, Elixir and Ecto provide Streams - a simple, performant and elegant solution for all your data transformation problems.

AppUnite & Strapi one-year relationship

| 12 min read